Exclusive: Royal Crowning Cheese in Juustukuningad on 30 April!

Prints Willem Alexander ja Printsess MaximaIt is a special day in Holland on Tuesday, 30 April when Prince Willem-Alexander will become the King of The Netherlands!
Juustukuningad will celebrate the event of crowning the new King of the Netherland with the special Dutch
Royal Crowning Cheese!
This is 3 months old blue cheese with “royal blue veins” and oranges added to the cheese refer to the royal family name – Van Oranje.

Royal Crowning Cheese “Kroningskaas” is available in all Juustukuningad shops in small quantities, just few 4,5-kilo wheels. The price is friendly, 19,95 EUR/kilo. Welcome to taste this special cheese on 30 April!

Prints Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand was born on 27 April 1967 in Utrecht. He is the oldest child of Queen Beatrix and her husband, Prince Claus. Willem-Alexander is married to Princess Maxima and they have three daughters – Catharina-Amalia, Alexia and Ariane.
Yours Juustukuningad