We are delighted to welcome you to our first Juustukuningad Cheese Café!

Come and enjoy great coffee and a cheesy selection of pastas, salads, sandwiches, soups, desserts and more! To make things extra comfortable, we also have a cheese shop right next to the Café.

Have a look at our menu in English, Finnish, Russian or Estonian and come visit us!

We are located in Tallinn, close to the harbour, at Nautica keskus. If you enter from the D-terminal side of the centrum, you will see us right next to the entrance. We are open every day at 9 – 20!

See you there!


Weekly offer on 10-17 May: Blue D’auvergne

Our new weekly offer is Blue D’auvergne!

Bleu d’Auvergne has a strong and pungent taste, but to a lesser extent than other blue cheeses. Bleu d’Auvergne is often used in salad dressings and pasta seasonings, and also it is a good cheese for snacking. Sweet wines such as dessert style Riesling and Sauvignon blanc or strong, robust red wines are commonly recommended to accompany it.

Weekly offer on 10-17 May only 17 EUR/kg (normal price 22,95).

Exclusive: Royal Crowning Cheese in Juustukuningad on 30 April!

Prints Willem Alexander ja Printsess MaximaIt is a special day in Holland on Tuesday, 30 April when Prince Willem-Alexander will become the King of The Netherlands!
Juustukuningad will celebrate the event of crowning the new King of the Netherland with the special Dutch
Royal Crowning Cheese!
This is 3 months old blue cheese with “royal blue veins” and oranges added to the cheese refer to the royal family name – Van Oranje.

Royal Crowning Cheese “Kroningskaas” is available in all Juustukuningad shops in small quantities, just few 4,5-kilo wheels. The price is friendly, 19,95 EUR/kilo. Welcome to taste this special cheese on 30 April!

Prints Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand was born on 27 April 1967 in Utrecht. He is the oldest child of Queen Beatrix and her husband, Prince Claus. Willem-Alexander is married to Princess Maxima and they have three daughters – Catharina-Amalia, Alexia and Ariane.
Yours Juustukuningad

Exclusive: World’s largest wheel of Blue Cheese now available in Juustukuningad!

World’s largest wheel (35 kg) of Blue Cheese now available in two shops of Juustukuningad – in Tartu and in Rotermanni shops!

This cheese is called “Long Clawson Dairy Centenary Stilton” and claimed to be the world’s largest blue cheese wheel-barrels by Metropolitan Market – honor the 100th anniversary of British cheese maker Long Clawson.

Price 24,95 EUR a kilo. Welcome! 🙂

See video:

The World’s best cheese 2012 Vermeer® now in Juustukuningad!

THE WORLD’S CHEESE CHAMPION 2012 – Vermeer® “A Dutch Masterpiece” has arrived to our shops today (Tartu on Monday)!

Vermeer®, a cheese from the “A Dutch Masterpiece” line, has been selected as World Champion at the prestigious World Championship Cheese Contest in Madison, Wisconsin. Vermeer, produced by Royal Friesland Campina, is a mature cheese with a full-bodied taste, but with reduced fat and salt.

This is the second time that “A Dutch Masterpiece” cheese has been voted the best cheese in the world – in 2004 the World Champion award went to Rembrandt Extra Aged Gouda.

The World’s best cheese in Juustukuningad 19,95 euros a kilo. Welcome!

More information about the prestigious competition: www.worldchampioncheese.org

The world’s best cheese Vermeer® now in Juustukuningad shops!

Reedel, 22. märtsil saabub meie Tallinna poodidesse (esmaspäevast, 25. märtsist ka Tartu poodi) prestiižsel juustuvõistlusel esikoha võitnud Hollandi juust Vermeer® “A Dutch Masterpiece”. Lisaks maailma parimaks tunnistatud maitsele, on selle küpse Gouda juustu eripäraks keskmisest väiksem soola- ja rasvasisaldus. Vermeer juustu valmimisaeg on 22 nädalat.

Maailma parima juustu tootja “Royal Friesland Campina” on auväärse tiitli koju toonud ka varem, 2004. aastal tunnistati võitjaks nende toodetud Gouda juust “Rembrandt Extra Aged”.

Juustude maailmameistrivõistlus “The World Championship Cheese Contest” toimub iga kahe aasta tagant Madisonis, Wisconsinis. Seekordsel konkursil osales 2503 juustu, mis jaotati 82 kategooriasse sõltuvalt nende maitsest, tekstuurist ja värvusest. Hollandi Gouda juustu Vermeer järel 2012. aasta paremuselt teise ja kolmanda koha võitsid sel korral šveitsi juustud.
Parimate juustude järjestuse otsustanud žüriisse oli kutsutud 40 juustueksperti, kes esindasid 17 erinevat rahvust.

Lisainfo juustude maailmameistrivõistluste kohta: www.worldchampioncheese.org

Maailma parimat juustu on võimalik Juustukuningate poodides maitsta ja osta seni kuni kaupa jätkub. Nii nagu Juustukuningates ikka, on ka maailma parima juustu kilohind väga sõbralik, vaid 19,95 eurot. Tere tulemast!