Welcome to the Royal Cheese World!

We are very proud to welcome you to traditional Dutch cheese shops in Estonia – “Juustukuningad” (Cheese Kings)!

Our cheese shops:


Rotermanni Rotermanni 2, Tallinn. New location! Approach from Hobujaama street, across the street of Vapiano. Mon-Thu 11-20, Fri-Sat 10–20, Sun 11-18

Nautica keskus cheese cafe and shop Ahtri 9. Mon-Sun 9-20 NEW!

Arsenal keskus Erika 14. Mon-Sun 20-21

Järve keskus Pärnu mnt 238. Mon-Sun 10-21

Nõmme market Turu plats 8, Tallinn. Mon-Tue 10-18, Wed-Sat 9–18, Sun 9-17

Kristiine Keskus Endla 45. Mon-Sun 10-21. Enter from main entrance (street side), shop is located on 1st floor, left side, across R-Kiosk.

Lasnamäe Centrum Mustakivi 13. Mon-Sun 10-21

Rocca al Mare keskus Paldiski mnt 102. Mon-Sun 10-21

Mustamäe keskus Tammsaare tee 104a. Mon-Sat 10-20, Sun 10-18

Solaris keskus Estonia pst 9, 0-floor, Tallinn. Mon-Sun 10-21

Balti jaama turg Kopli 1, Tallinn. Mon-Sat 9-19, Sun 9-17

Tabasalu Gurmee Garaaž Klooga mnt 5a. Mon-Fri 10-19, Sat 10-18, Sun 10-16

Viimsi Keskus, Sõpruse tee 15, Haabneeme, Viimsi. Mon-Sun 10-21

Ülemiste keskus Suur-Sõjamäe 4. Mon-Sun 10-21. New!


Kaubamajakas Papiniidu 8/10, Pärnu. Mon-Sun 10–21
Port Artur 2 Lai 11. Mon-Sat 10–20, Sun 10-18


Kesklinna Keskus Küüni 7, Tartu. Closed since 27.12.17!

Lõunakeskus Ringtee 75, Tartu. Mon-Sun 10–21

Tartu Kaubamaja Riia 1, 0-floor, close to kassas of the foodstore. Mon-Sat 9-21, P 10-19 New!


Centrumi keskus Tallinna 24, 1. korrusel. Mon-Sat 9-20, Sun 10-15. New!


Also, you can find Cheese Kings franchise shops in Latvia and Ukraine:
Latvia (Riga) www.facebook.com/sierakarali and
Ukraina (Kiev and Lvov) www.cheesekingdom.com.ua


7 reasons to visit us:
1. GOOD CHOICE – 70 different cheeses and we cut fresh piece for you!
2. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY – you can taste any cheese in our shop!
3. GREAT SERVICE – personal, friendly, come and test us!
4. CHEESE ACCESSORIES – anything you need for enjoying cheese
5. ALL IN ONE – also cheese sauces, snacks and wine
6. PRESENTS and PARTY PLATES – we are glad to help you!
7. FRIENDLY PRICES – starting price only 7.50 EUR/kilo


In the shop of Juustukuningad you will find the best selection of Dutch cheeses, for example famous Gouda cheeses, Farmer cheeses, Goat cheeses, cheeses with herbs as nettle, chilli, garlic etc, from young cheeses to nice old ones, cheeses to put on bread, but also enjoy as a snack with friends and good wine. All cheeses are imported directly from Holland, and freshly cutted from the big “wheel” specially for you.

Also, we are happy to do the cheese tasting events for smaller or bigger groups, please contact us and let’s agree the details.

Enjoy the Dutch cheese!
Yours Juustukuningad

Our team members: Marii, Liisa-Triin, Robert, Margit. Photo: Egert Kamenik